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The City of Westland has approved an allocation plan to utilize special CDBG-CV funding authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.  The plan, which adheres to guidelines issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, allows for funding to be used for a range of eligible activities that prevent and respond to the spread of the Coronavirus and its economic impacts.  

With these funds, the City has established the following programs to support members of the Westland community who have faced hardships due to COVID-19:

Rent/Mortgage Relief Fund - a program for Westland families to assist with rent or mortgage payments for a period of up to six months.  This program aligns with the federal initiative of homelessness prevention and is designed to assist families suffering financial hardships due to income loss as a result of COVID-19. 

Small Business Relief Fund -  a program designed to minimize and avoid job loss for low-moderate income employees, caused by business closures related to COVID-19 and social distancing.  The grants will provide short-term working capital assistance to small businesses to enable retention of jobs held by low-moderate income persons.   

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - a program to provide PPE to small enterprises and residents that cannot secure PPE.  This includes masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and protective gowns.  


Westland PPE Fund – a program to provide personal protection equipment (PPE) (masks, gloves, sanitizer) to vulnerable Westland residents and organizations that demonstrate the inability to secure the needed item(s).  Priority will be based on the most vulnerable:  elderly, people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, employers of essential activities (i.e., less than 10 employees, non-profit organizations), caregivers for someone with COVID-19.  Recipients cannot receive duplication of benefits from other organizations.

Applications will be accepted until PPE equipment is depleted.

For questions or additional information, please email Wendy Hildebrandt at whildebrandt@cityofwestland.com or call at (734)793-9401. 

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